ROYAL SPARTAN-tasty, but simultaneously beautiful

Elxis is made with its dynamic presence based on its inspiration and its pioneering spirit are what appeal to you. We have innovated and succeeded in this.

Every aspect of ROYAL SPARTAN is hand-made though all process stages so what you are holding in your hands has been studied in detail that it reflects its elegance in your eyes.

This living gold is enclosed in a similarly prestigious bottle, so that the absolute clarity of the glass reveals the fluid perfection of its Emerald diffuse color. That's why we chose an EXTRA PREMIUM bottle of the QBIC family of the French company SAVERGLASS of FEUQUIES, which has been is the leading manufacturer of premium quality bottles for almost a century.

The magic on the pack does not stop there. Now it starts. The bottle is entirely hand-delivered by the hand-made silk-screen, made of high-quality glitter paste by the German company HERAUES, the leader of luxury colors. One by one, they are placed in special 600 to 700 degree Celsius ovens with delicate ignition balances, so that high-quality glass absorbs silk-screen printing, giving a level of gloss and color literally unique, that of true gold, making it an irresistible touch, fiery, impressive.

Luxury is enriched with top quality embossed design caps by the Italian company TAPI SPA.

The outer casing is what steals the show and adopts the philosophy of the gift. The gift box we have chosen is the creation of the top and internationally awarded manufacturer of high quality LA PETITE JUMELLE, combining the handmade process with luxurious materials, so that it captures your touch, your vision and ultimately protect the product external environmental conditions.

Box for wish, pouch for luck.

For LIMITED EDITION, we chose a high quality handmade cotton pouch, giving the significance of its content, sealed by the emblem of the APOSTOLAKOS family, confidential secret of the patrician family of Medici.


A masterpiece of nature with distinctive organoleptic properties, resulting from a blend of a multi-varied mixing of the top varieties of olive tree

A) of Ancient Athinoeolia, a symbol of ancient Athens, rich in fruity aromas, with slightly spicy flavor and bitter aftertaste, with the highest total polyphenol content indices and

B) of Koroneiki, also rich in polyphenols (oleocanthal-oleacein), which contribute to the protection of human health, with a splendid aroma and spicy flavor.

The Magic result, a logical consequence of perfect climate conditions offered on the edge of this holy mountain, where the sun, earth, air and water are perfectly balanced and harmonized creating a unique olive oil world-wide.

This is confirmed by the internationally recognized and certified olive oil tasting workshop of the Technological Institute of Peloponnese in Kalamata.




Elaiolakoniki, with its long experience in the field of exports, represents and distributes Greek products of superior quality organic and non-organic.

Its aim is to offer responsibly and respectfully distinguished high quality products to its costumers.

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